Get Repped! Conference '22

ATTENTION: Indie artists, songwriters and producers looking to have their music placed on ads, TV shows and films! Join us July 14-15 to meet over 30 of the top sync agencies on the planet. Learn what they need, how to approach them and then find your perfect agency match that can pitch to place your songs. Are you ready to GET REPPED? 

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Learn About Licensing... In 1 Hour!

The fundamentals of sync. Mindset, research, songwriting, producing, prepping, and pitching. Created for indies, by indies who have walked the walk! For a limited time, get this invaluable training for absolutely no charge.

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Music Licensing is the most rewarding journey an Independent Artist, Songwriter or Producer can take.



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Get Your Songs Licensed As An Indie Artist

                          Catch the replay of Sonnet Simmons and John Clinebell's music licensing workshop for indie artists, songwriters and producers.

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Sync Education & Community for Indie Artists BY Indie Artists!

Whether you're new to music licensing, or already have rep deals and placements, Sync It! is here to support you as you take the next bold steps upward in your career. Sync It! was founded by Sonnet Simmons and John Clinebell, two indie artists who are active in the music licensing industry and have landed rep deals with major sync agencies and libraries resulting in hundreds of placements on ads, TV shows, promos, films, trailers and other media.  

John and Sonnet both learned how music licensing works from the ground up in 2015 and have now had lucrative placements by major brands such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks, GoDaddy, Facebook/Instagram, Nivea, T-Mobile, PrettyLittleThing, Levi's, Microsoft and networks like FOX, Disney/ABC, CBS, ESPN, BET, MTV, Nick Jr., Hulu, Lifetime, Sky, USA and many more.

They've already taught thousands of indie artists how to find success in music licensing (through Catch The Moon Music), and now they have built their own exclusive sync community called Licensing Basecamp. It's your turn right now to make major changes in your music career! Sync It! is here for you every step up the way!

Write and Produce 
Music That's Perfect For Licensing

Learn how to make exactly the kind of music needed by brands and networks.

Find Opportunties and Meet Decision Makers

Connect with sync experts
like Music Supervisors
and Ad Agency Execs. 

Land Rep Deals and Placements.. Rinse & Repeat!

Join a thriving community of indie artists who are taking action in music licensing.

Our Exclusive Community

Licensing Basecamp

Join the Sync It! music licensing community: Licensing Basecamp. Sonnet and John have built it to encourage you, hold you accountable, and give you success strategies in sync you can bank on.

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What People Say About
Sync It!

Success speaks volumes.

"I met Sonnet and John through a CTM course I took and they’ve been an absolute pleasure to know and collaborate with over the years. Even after I finished the course, I came back and did interviews with them both because they’d been promoted to the role of the active teachers in the course for future classes being offered. They definitely get my stamp of approval as people who know how to do business the right way in sync and have a genuine goal of serving and helping others in their journey to music licensing success. Salute to SYNC IT … you’re in good hands.

Tamara Bubble

Indie Artist / Sync Superstar

"Even after 11 years in the industry, there was so much I didn’t know that I didn’t know. What I learned from John and Sonnet just made everything click into place, and suddenly I started getting more placements and rep deals. On top of that, they’ve built an amazing, supportive community where I’ve met many of my go-to collaborators!" 

Kimera Morrell

Indie Artist

"John and Sonnet are incredible leaders and educators in the world of sync licensing, and I’m truly grateful for the knowledge that I’ve gained through such hands-on, valuable mentorship.

Marina Bennett

Indie Artist

"I’ve been learning from Sonnet and John now for over 14 months. Their program to learn about writing music specifically for TV/Film has transformed my songwriting and production skills tremendously.

Elisa Share

Indie Artist

"John and Sonnet teach about music licensing from great knowledge and experience. Both are highly involved in the sync world, and have a great rapport with supervisors and agencies. They are truly able to show the way because they have done it themselves!

Sam Knaak

Producer & Indie Artist